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Confirmed list sites to be launched in 1st Quarter 2017

Shared on 01 Jan 2017, 21:24PM
These projects, like Artra condo are likely to yield up to 7,465 private homes and create 158,080 sq m of commercial space

Meanwhile, the reservation list will include seven residential sites (including one executive condominium (EC) site), one commercial and residential website and two commercial site. These site can offer 5,135 private homes (including 775 EC units) and largely commercial office space.

“CBRE anticipates to see a few of the smaller reservation list websites activated, like the Bartley Road site. Another website that is remarkable is the reservation website at Jiak Kim Street, that may include the former Zouk. It can most likely see the exact same interest in Martin Place reproduced and presents a vital waterfront site,” said Sim.

The five sites on the confirmed list could provide 2,330 more residential apartments

“The interest in brand new housing from future home buyers has stayed healthy. The exclusive EC on the reservation list – Sumang Walk – continues to be carried over in the reservation list of 2H 2016 GLS programmes and 1H 2016. The result would simply be found in 2018 he included, even when it is activated on the market."

Artra Condo will be launched at March 2017, with the show flat currently in development.