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URA releases 2 residential sites for sale, at Redhill and Sembawang

Shared on 25 Dec 2016, 01:33AM
SINGAPORE - Two lots of land were introduced for sale on Friday (September 30) by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), which together may yield about 515 home units.

One other location was made available for sale under the "Reserve List", which means it'll be put up for sale if your software engineer's suggested minimal price is satisfactory to the Authorities.

One site has been launched for sale under URA's "Confimed Listing". The site at Alexandra View is beside Redhill MRT station and will fit 400 apartments, with the ground storey reserved for commercial space.

The parcel is located at Jalan Kandis, near Sembawang Park, and can yield about 115 residential units. The 7,047 square m tract has a maximum gross floor area of 9,866 sq m.

Both Sales, which come 2015 Government Land Sales Program, have 99-year lease.